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OxBlue Construction Time-Lapse Cameras

Make every job a success.
Make better decisions.
Stay on schedule and budget.
Avoid costly errors.
Market your work.

The power to see your jobsite anytime, anywhere, anyway – including 50-MP images.

Focus on your jobsite even when you’re not there with high-definition time-lapse movies, live video on demand, high-resolution images, and now the most powerful camera system available. Our 50-MP construction camera delivers ultra–high resolution images, setting a new industry standard for clarity and detail.

Computer monitor showing 50 MP construction camera image
Magnified 50 MP construction camera image

View and document your work any way you want.

Hi-res construction webcam images icon

Megapixel Images:
6 to 24 MP and Now 50 MP

Effortlessly document and monitor projects with images ranging from high to extremely high resolution. Get the big picture or zoom in on fine detail to ensure work is on schedule and executed according to plan.

Professionally produced time-lapse movie icon

Professional-Quality Time-Lapse Video

Every camera delivers time-lapse movies in three ways: instantaneous up-to-date project videos created automatically by the camera, polished presentations created by you using our custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine and a professionally edited time-lapse movie at the end of your project.

Live video on demand construction camera icon

Live Video On Demand

Follow your work in the moment with live streaming high-definition video on demand. At the touch of a button, you can monitor your progress, people, equipment and supplies. It’s almost like being there. Not available on all cameras.

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