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The Cobalt Series

The next generation of construction camera technology

Change the way you document your project and track progress with a construction time-lapse camera built for the industry.

Engineered from the ground up and tailored to the construction business, The Cobalt Series reinvents the job site camera and gives you exactly what you need – high-resolution images and HD streaming video.

Discover the Cobalt Features

View and document your work any way you want.

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6 to 24 MP Images

Effortlessly view and document intricate details of your construction site with high-resolution images. Track and verify that your project is on schedule by viewing your entire site or zooming in on a specific area.

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Time-Lapse Video

View on-demand progress using the Instant Time-Lapse, create polished presentation content with the Customizable Time-Lapse, and showcase your completed development with the Professionally-Produced Time-Lapse, hand-edited by our in-house specialists.

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Live Stream

Follow your construction site in real time with high-definition live stream and video on demand. At the touch of a button, you can observe complex detail and progress, as well as monitor your project, team, equipment, and supplies.

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Document, manage, and promote your project with professional-quality, time-lapse technologies that come with every OxBlue construction camera.

Construction time-lapse videos document and showcase your entire project, so in just minutes or less, team members, clients, investors – whomever you need to communicate with – get a clear picture of progress at the job site and a deeper understanding of your work.

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