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Marketing to a Digital Audience with Jobsite Cameras

Construction Business Owner, April 2017
The construction industry has unjustly gained a reputation for not embracing digital media. However, according to a recent survey, the industry clearly has. The question is, has it adapted to it? Read more.

Keeping Your Project on Schedule: Every Day Counts

Posted March 15, 2017
Construction cameras let you and your team see the jobsite no matter where you are, so you always know how the project is proceeding. Read more.

4 Hurdles for Technology Adoption in Construction

Posted February 23, 2017
Business leaders and expert observers agree that new technology is rapidly becoming a competitive necessity in the construction industry. But, in a field where tradition rules, many find it difficult to incorporate technological advances into everyday operations. Read more.

How Construction Cameras Are Clicking with Hotel Builders

Commercial Construction & Renovation, February 16, 2017
The company that two years ago had two projects underway at any one time now works on five or six jobsites simultaneously, on average, for franchises, including Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), LaQuinta Hotels, Choice Hotels, Cendant Hotels and Independent Boutiques. Read more.

Construction Cameras Offer New Dimensions in Project Oversight

Construction Executive, January 24, 2017
Recent improvements in hardware, software and technical services have helped construction cameras gain currency as a must-have tool for documenting project progress, boosting worker performance, minimizing errors, improving communication and enhancing stakeholder relationships. Read more.

Everything is Temporary on a Construction Site

Posted January 12, 2017
In the Oscar-winning movie Moonstruck, the family patriarch played by Vincent Gardenia proclaims in a moment of exasperation, "Everything is temporary!" He might have derived this life lesson from his work as a plumber. Read more.

Social Media for Recognition and Retention

Posted November 30, 2016
Showcasing the skills of your team to current and potential clients in specific and meaningful ways can be challenging. Social media offer great ways to share these stories. Read more.

What is Lean Construction and Why Should You Care?

Posted November 3, 2016
Lean construction is the term used to define the use of less time, low material waste and little effort in the production of something of value. The term was first pioneered by the Toyota Company in Japan. Read more.

What’s Your Photo Organization Style: Haystack or Yard Sale?

Posted September 26, 2016
When it comes to construction photo management, most people fall into one of two camps – camp “Haystack” or camp “Yard Sale.” Each has its problems, but only one camp actually acknowledges it. Read more.

Cameras on construction sites bring a sharp focus to jobsite productivity and help developers avoid mistakes and delays.

Posted August 2016
BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. decided in 2014 to begin using construction cameras at jobsites where the company builds new stores and fuel stations. BJ’s was not looking to address a specific issue or problem, however. Rather, the company was paying heed to a timeless proverb: knowledge is power. Read more.

10 Tips to Ensure Construction Photos Don’t Slip Through Your Fingers

Posted August 31, 2016
Work on a jobsite has many moving parts, and each week hundreds of photos are taken by any number of people to document the project. But, without any systematic way of taking and organizing photos, you’re left with holes and gaps in your project documentation. Read more.

Jobsite Safety – Another Important Benefit of Your Construction Camera?

Posted August 3, 2016
If you use a construction camera, you probably accomplish a lot of different things with it. But what about jobsite safety? Read more.

Are You Missing Out on the Virtues of Video Marketing?

Posted July 27, 2016
Let’s face it. Producing text is quicker and less expensive than producing high-quality video. But if you’re not including video in your touchpoints with customers and prospects, you need to ask yourself if there are gaps in your marketing. What opportunities – what sales – are you missing? Read more.

Will Your Construction Camera Help Your Project or Become a Project?

Posted June 9, 2016
Every construction project is different, but they all have a few things in common. They all require a lot of planning, a lot of management, and a lot of hard work. The last thing anyone needs is a construction camera that adds to all that complexity. Read more.

Don't Make the Wrong Assumption About Your Clients

Posted May 26, 2016
Have you ever been in a situation like this? You’re invited to a party by a new acquaintance and want to show your gratitude by bringing a gift. After some thought, you decide to get a bottle of wine. Read more.

Could a Drone Be the Construction Camera’s New Best Friend?

Posted May 26, 2016
The application of drones in the construction industry seems like a no-brainer. Aside from the cool factor, an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, complements the documentary and real-time visualization capabilities of today’s construction webcams. Read more.

Are You on Track to Achieve Your Strategic Goals?

Posted April 28, 2016
Do you know which of your practices are tied to good results and which aren’t? That knowledge is the crux of realizing your strategic business plan and getting the results you want. Read more.

How to Set Up and Record Your Own Project Time-Lapse

Posted April 14, 2016
When it comes to small projects — whether it’s renovating a kitchen or building a new deck — almost anyone can document their experience with a time-lapse video using budget-friendly equipment, planning, and a little arithmetic. Read more.

Why Sabbaticals Are a Win-Win for Employees and Companies

Posted March 31, 2016
Employees are placing a greater emphasis than ever on work-life balance, and more progressive employers are responding with alternative work arrangements, such as flextime, telecommuting, and compressed work weeks. Read more.

Are You Seizing Marketing and PR Opportunities with Your Construction Camera?

Posted March 10, 2016
Great images and time-lapse movies of the jobsite speak to an audience in ways that words can’t. They are also a source of fresh, new website and social media content that keeps people coming back for more. Read more.

Construction Webcams Simplify Management of Interior Buildouts

Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, February, 2016
Interior retail buildouts are among the most expensive construction projects, with cost per unit area far exceeding that of an exterior build. And they can be more logistically complex. Coordination of multiple trades and the on-time delivery of materials, fixtures and products are key to ensuring quality, containing costs and avoiding delays. The use of interior construction cameras is gaining popularity for all those reasons. Read more.

The Power of Time-Lapse Construction Cameras in Effective Communications

Posted December 15, 2015
Remote collaboration is the new normal. This new way of doing business shines a light on how important visual information is in communicating effectively and working productively. Read more.

The 2-Minute Game Changer: How Time-Lapse Construction Movies Can Change the Way You Do Business

Posted September 17, 2015
All technology innovations usually have two important impacts: They either make something you’ve always done easier or better, or they make new things possible. Construction time-lapse movie technology is doing both for developers, contractors, and other stakeholders. Read more.

Is a DIY Construction Camera Worth It?

Posted August 27, 2015
Over the years, we’ve heard from clients who, before using an OxBlue construction camera system to monitor their projects, considered doing it themselves. What they didn’t consider, but learned along the way, is that it takes far more than a camera to capture a construction project. Read more.

The Price of a Construction Camera: Is It an Expense or a Money Maker?

Posted July 1st, 2015
Building professionals are generally aware that construction cameras make projects more efficient, but they also tend to think of them as essentially an added expense. In fact, the opposite is true. Read more.

How Much Do Time-Lapse Construction Cameras Cost: Are You Looking at the Full Picture?

Companies that only a few years ago might have considered construction cameras merely “nice to have” on the jobsite are hearing more and more about the value and efficiencies they can bring to projects. Read more.

Seven Ways Time-Lapse Movies Enhance Your Jobsite

BisNow, June 25, 2015
Time-lapse photography, once a novelty in construction projects, is now par for the course and essential for a successful building endeavor. Find out seven advantages time-lapse photography can provide for your projects. Read more...

Managing Construction: Seeing the Details While Focusing on What Matters

Posted June 24th, 2015
Any larger general contractor or real estate developer can have several projects going on at the same time. With construction cameras at the jobsite, project managers can determine where and how to focus their attention. Read more.

Construction Cameras Help Maximize Worker Productivity, Minimize Errors, Enhance Client Relationships

Rebusiness Online, May 15, 2015
Construction cameras can mean a lot of different things to different people. While not as ubiquitous as hammers, construction cameras are becoming a regular fixture on jobsites across the United States. Read more.

Customers for a Lifetime: The Wisdom of Investing in Long-Term Relationships

Posted February 4, 2015
At OxBlue we take a longer view, where building enduring – or lifetime – business relationships with our clients is just as important as selling construction cameras. Read more.

Video or Photos: What's Better for Construction?

Posted October 10, 2014
When clients first contact us about using a construction camera to monitor a project or create a time-lapse movie of an upcoming project, they’re often curious about why we use a system to capture many thousands of high-resolution photographs instead of video. Read more.

Construction Webcams for Interior Build-outs

Posted September 19, 2014
Interior build-outs in the retail sector can be some of the most expensive construction projects, with cost per unit area far exceeding that of an exterior build. Read more.

The 5 P’s of Positioning Construction Cameras on Your Site

Posted August 25, 2014
We pioneered the development of multi-megapixel construction cameras over a decade ago. That experience has been used to develop what we call the 5 P’s: Positioning, Placement, Perspective, Phasing, and Power. Read more.

The Observer Effect and Construction Cameras

Posted July 30, 2014
Beyond the more obvious benefits, such as reduced travel to the jobsite and improved project management, a theme emerges from the thousands of projects our cameras have been on: When things get off track, they are recognized and resolved quickly. Read more.

3 Essentials to a Customer-Oriented Culture

Posted July 2, 2014
At OxBlue we know we offer a high-quality, proven product to our clients. We also know that no matter how good our product is technically, it comes down to creating a culture that delivers value and a great customer experience to clients. Read more.

Monitoring Projects with Construction Cameras

Construction Canada, April 2014
Although most construction cameras are used to capture the exterior build of projects, there is growing interest in using cameras to manage and document interior build-outs, including new retail stores and capital improvement projects.

The Greenest College Residence Hall in the World

Private University Products and News, August 2013
Before breaking ground on the aptly named Deep Green Residence Hall, the office of Berea College Operations and Sustainability installed an OxBlue construction camera. The camera delivers a live feed to a website that covers every aspect of the design, construction, and sustainability efforts of the project.

Work Site with a View - Crate & Barrel uses on-site cameras to monitor construction progress

Stores, May 2013
The process of building and remodeling retail stores is undergoing a transformation. On-site camera not only give project managers 24/7 views of works in progress, they can help cut travel costs and raise supervisor productivity by reducing the number of in-person inspection visits.

Web-enabled Cameras Help Boston University Expedite Construction Timeline

Private University Products and News, January 2013
In the spring of 2011, Boston University embarked on roughly $70 million worth of new construction, renovations, and technology upgrades. One of these projects was the Center for Student Services, a 122,000 square-foot, six-story building.

Construction cameras document University of Iowa Healthcare Projects

Medical Construction & Design, November/December 2012
With three existing construction projects underway, community relations professionals at the University of Iowa were eager to showcase the school's growth to internal and external stakeholders. The projects include a new University of Iowa Children's Hosptal, off-campus clinic and a state-of-the-art data center.

Web-based Cameras Keep Walmart's Sustainability Projects on Track

Chain Store Age, June/July 2012
To monitor its multiple renewable-power and energy-efficiency projects and help them stay on track, Walmart uses Web-enabled construction cameras on the jobsites. The cameras, from Atlanta-based OxBlue Corp., give Walmart's teams 24/7 virtual job-site access.

On the record: Using Webcams to Document, Share and Archive

Public Works, February 2012
In two very different regions of the country, construction cameras have proven their value beyond project documentation. Nevada and Missouri road managers installed them to improve public relations, manage remote projects, and resolve contractor claims, but ended up saving a lot of money as well.

Eye in the Sky

Stores Magazine, January 2012
Construction is an expensive piece of the retailing puzzle. Executives managing construction and property development could typically spend weeks traveling between project sites. Just ask Sephora, who has locations in 24 countries. They chose to use OxBlue's Web-enabled worksite cameras and monitoring platform as a tool to enhance new store and capital improvement projects efficiency and to aid in schedule adherence.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dollars

Construction Executive Magazine, December 2011
The use of photographs and videos to document construction projects is not a new concept. However, photographic documentation as a strategy to proactively manage risk and legal exposure is becoming more prevalent, and technology is evolving to meet that need.

Off The Grid: Solar-powered Jobsite Cameras Allow for More Flexibility of Use

Constructor, Debra Wood September/October 2011
Cameras can capture the action on a jobsite, allowing contractors and owners to track progress without hopping in the car and wasting time and gas on the road. A solar station from OxBlue now allows cameras to run off the electrical grid.

New Technologies Having a Positive Impact on Contractors' Bottom Lines

Construction Executive Magazine, May 2011
Construction Executive asked construction technology leaders to share their insights on how the latest solutions are positively impacting contractors bottom lines. Here's what we had to say.

Cameras Improving Energy EPC Management

Zeus Technology Magazine, May 2009
Zeus Technology, the oil and gas industry's leading IT publication, features OxBlue construction cameras. The cover photo for this issue was captured by an OxBlue construction camera being used on a major construction project. Use of a camera image for the cover of a magazine demonstrates the high-quality images captured by OxBlue construction cameras.

More Than a Project

Constructech Magazine, January 2008
To steal a phrase, we've come a long way, PM. Project management, once thought of as a necessary but mundane task to every job is now acknowledged as one of the three most critical aspects of...

Webcam Benefits

Constructech Magazine, January 2007
Whether it's securing jobsites at all times, having support for when subcontractors or project owners have complaints, or reducing travel costs by reviewing sites remotely, Webcams have much to offer the...

Unique Collaboration

Constructech Magazine, September 2006
Effective collaboration takes the right technology. For many builders and contractors this extends beyond typical collaborative project management and project portals. Some are turning to the help of...

An Eye on Construction

Constructech Magazine, March 2006
While still images and video don't qualify as new or perhaps even cutting-edge technology, the capabilities they bring to the jobsite provide tremendous ROI (return on investment) for contractors...

Tech Trends: Breaking New Ground in Construction Camera Technology

Construction Executive, March 2007
Discussion on the changing trends in construction camera technology, who is using them, and four key aspects to consider when selecting a service provider and technology. Read the full article here.

Construction Webcams: New Tools for Project Control and Team Coordination

FIATECH Webinar, September 2006
OxBlue featured in FIATECH Emerging Technology Series Webinar. What is FIATECH? Click here to find out.

Web Cams: A New Tool for Managers of Construction

Northern Nevada Business Weekly, November 2005
OxBlue cameras help the project team stay on track at $240 million hospital expansion at Washoe Medical Center in Reno, NV.

Lessons Learned: Webcams for Contractors

Construction Executive Magazine, June 2003
Tips for contractors, owners, and architects when considering purchasing and implementing a construction camera system.

Simplify Your Life

Retail Construction Magazine, Spring 2002
A discussion of the project delivery benefits of construction camera systems. Excerpt: "Just as the Internet has become an essential tool for business communications, job-site cameras are becoming an essential tool for construction project teams. The ability to make informed decisions from reliable visual information helps to eliminate redundant or inaccurate communications and avoid delays. Webcams can also offer reliable and unbiased documentation that can be used to quickly resolve issues and keep the construction schedule on time."