Keeping Your Project on Schedule: Every Day Counts

Posted March 15, 2017

Construction cameras let you and your team see the jobsite no matter where you are, so you always know how the project is proceeding.

  • Monitor quality to avoid costly errors.
  • See whether a delay is called for or if work can move forward.
  • Track milestones for better scheduling and reporting.
  • Check on interior sequencing to protect expensive F&E and ensure brand standards.

With 24/7 visual verification, completing the build on time – and on budget – is that much easier.

Monitor quality.

Site prep is done, and with the weather in your favor, you're on schedule to pour the concrete.

With the slab in place, the vertical build can begin.

Track milestones.

Despite the rain, you see drainage is good. You can move forward with the steel work.

Completion of the rough shell and roof signals it’s time for furniture, fixtures, and equipment scheduling.

Open on time.

With only exterior signage, parking and landscaping remaining, a firm opening date is set.

Fixtures and cash wraps are in place. The store is on target for Grand Opening.