Construction Webcam Pioneer OxBlue Celebrates 15 Years of Connecting Project Stakeholders with Their Jobsites

For the past 15 years, OxBlue has been developing and improving software, hardware, and technical services that bring improved efficiency and quality to construction professionals on and off the jobsite through one simple construction camera solution.
ATLANTA, January 14, 2016 – This month marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of OxBlue Corporation, whose construction cameras and time-lapse videos are used today by real estate developers, general contractors, and other construction professionals to document, monitor, manage, and even market projects. The genesis of the groundbreaking approach to remote jobsite monitoring traces back to the recognition of the value of improved communication and efficiency on projects. OxBlue CEO Chandler McCormack, then a civil engineer with vast experience in commercial projects and visualization technology, and OxBlue CTO Bryan Mattern, then a senior consultant specializing in the development of enterprise communication platforms with a background in construction engineering, saw the opportunity to bring new capabilities to the construction industry.

Their challenge was to develop a wireless construction camera system that was easy to install and use and provided high-resolution images that documented the build. Imagery would need to be easily accessible over the Internet so that teams anywhere could monitor and review progress anytime. As the early OxBlue construction webcams were used on more and more projects, it became clear that a construction camera system could serve a multiplicity of needs for all project stakeholders.

For the past 15 years, OxBlue has been developing and improving software, hardware, and technical services – integrated into one simple construction camera solution – that bring improved efficiency and quality to construction professionals on and off the jobsite.

New time-lapse technology has expanded the company’s offering to include professionally produced time-lapse construction movies; automatically generated instant time-lapse videos; and custom time-lapse movies that clients can generate at will. Clients use time-lapse videos to review and show project progress and even incorporate them into to their online marketing and public relations efforts.

The feature-rich construction camera interface, accessible from any device with an Internet browser, enables clients to see all their projects. High-resolution images, complete with jobsite weather data, document virtually every moment of construction. Users can zoom in on images from any date and time to see details of the build. The camera system also gives clients the option of making access to the construction camera interface public, allowing project owners to inform and engage everyone interested in a project.

Since the company’s founding, the OxBlue construction camera has developed into a complete, continuously evolving system that enables: contractors and designers to coordinate changes in real time; project managers and owners to track multiple projects from their offices or while traveling; scheduling of just-in-time deliveries for better efficiency and quality; and more.

"We’ve accomplished a lot over the years. It’s especially gratifying to know our construction camera systems are of value to so many teams. We’re looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that the future of construction will bring."

Chandler McCormack, OxBlue CEO