Time-Lapse: Incredible I-85 Bridge Rebuild – OxBlue.com

Image taken from OxBlue's fixed-position camera located at the I-85 construction site.
ATLANTA, May 18, 2017 – OxBlue Construction Cameras, a global leader in construction camera services, has released an incredible, professionally-produced time-lapse video of the I-85 bridge collapse rebuild. The high-definition time-lapse video was created from nearly 8,000 images taken over a span of six weeks via an OxBlue construction camera that has been on the site since the beginning of construction. The video documents the rebuild progress, from project inception to completion.

View the completed I-85 collapse rebuild time-lapse video at

The company, headquartered in Atlanta, had two cameras located at the jobsite, a construction webcam that streamed live HD video and a fixed-position construction camera that continuously captured high-resolution still images at 10-minute intervals throughout the project.

Over 700 feet of new bridge was built in an impressive six weeks, making the I-85 bridge rebuild one of the fastest civil infrastructure construction projects in the United States to date. The state offered contractor C.W. Matthews $3.1 million in financial incentives for early completion; the incentives, along with a 24/7 worker schedule, greatly aided in the project being completed on May 13th – a full month ahead of the original estimated date of June 15th. The collapse, caused by a large fire in late March 2017, is one of Atlanta’s most impactful traffic-related issues to date, affecting over 240,000 commuters daily.

"OxBlue has been a great advantage, not only for our company and for the DOT, but for the traveling public; they’re able to see the progress we’re making each day and what goes into a project like this."

Dan Garcia, C.W. Matthews President

The construction cameras assisted the project stakeholders in meeting the aggressive six-week timeframe by providing constant remote visual access to the site. C.W. Matthews, the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT), and other involved stakeholders were able to monitor quality and progress from any location by viewing the cameras via computer and mobile devices. C.W. Matthews’ president, Dan Garcia, states: “As the project has moved along, it’s been a great way to be able to just click and see how our crews are performing, the progress of the job, and also to be able to communicate to others within or outside of the organization that can’t be on the jobsite. We're able to conveniently view the project through the cameras from any location – whether it be at the jobsite, on another project, at the office, or while traveling.”