ATL I-85 Bridge Collapse Rebuild: Watch Live Video Stream of Progress

Image taken from OxBlue's fixed-position camera located at the I-85 construction site.
ATLANTA, May 3, 2017 – OxBlue construction cameras, a global leader in construction webcam service, is providing exclusive live video footage and documentation of the Atlanta I-85 rebuild. The company, headquartered in Atlanta, has two cameras located at the construction site, a construction webcam that streams live HD video and a fixed-position construction camera that captures documentary high-resolution still images at 10-minute intervals.

View the live video stream and construction progress updates at

The Atlanta I-85 bridge collapse rebuild is said to be one of the fastest civil construction projects in the United States. The road is scheduled to be completed by May 25th, just 8 weeks from the start of construction. The project may even be finished sooner due to $3.1 million in incentives offered by the state. The incident is one of Atlanta’s most detrimental traffic-related issues to date, affecting over 220,000 daily commuters and countless local businesses.

"Having a camera on a jobsite helps provide assurance and peace of mind to the parties affected by the construction."

Chandler McCormack, OxBlue CEO

The construction cameras on site assist the project stakeholders in meeting the aggressive ten-week completion deadline by providing constant remote visual access to the construction site. With the cameras, project contractor C.W. Matthews, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), and other stakeholders can monitor quality and progress from any location via computers and mobile devices. Additionally, the cameras keep others affected by the collapse, including local businesses, area residents, and traveling commuters, informed.

“OxBlue cameras have been particularly beneficial for the key stakeholders involved, such as the Georgia Department of Transportation, due to continuous, instant access to the site via their webcam. Logging on to our interface is a quick way to see construction progress, as well as view and celebrate project milestones,” explains OxBlue’s CEO, Chandler McCormack. “Additionally, local residents, friends and family of those affected by the collapse, and people with a general interest in the project can see what a large undertaking it is, as well as observe the diligence and speed with which the contractors are completing the work.”