OxBlue Launches New International Construction Camera Photo Gallery

Our new international gallery includes projects from all over the world, including the Middle East, China and South America.
ATLANTA, September 29, 2014 – OxBlue, a global provider of construction camera systems and jobsite monitoring technologies, has added a new online gallery featuring international projects. The new addition joins the company’s existing gallery, which launched earlier this year and gives OxBlue.com visitors the opportunity to view live-camera demos, professionally produced time-lapse movies, and noteworthy photographs. The new international gallery focuses on construction projects around the world.

OxBlue construction cameras have monitored and documented more than 10,000 projects across six continents. Static, PTZ, and solar camera systems capture every moment of construction and transmit ultrahigh-resolution images over cellular networks. Project managers and other stakeholders can view both real-time and archived jobsite images from anywhere in the world on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Continuously expanding worldwide cellular coverage and the evolution of robust wireless technologies have made OxBlue’s construction webcam services available to a growing number of regions throughout the globe.

"Our cameras and technologies have always been used on projects near and far. With our knowledge in international logistics and the rapid expansion of cellular networks, clients are able put our construction cameras to work at more and more locations worldwide. The new gallery lets website visitors experience the breadth of our international presence and capabilities."

Chandler McCormack, CEO of OxBlue

OxBlue construction camera systems and time-lapse videos provide 24/7 jobsite visibility and documentation. Project stakeholders use them to remotely monitor and track progress, to improve communication and coordination with each other, and to promote their work in marketing and public relations efforts. Constant monitoring and easy-to-use technologies help simplify management of complex projects both large and small, in virtually any industry, including critical transportation and energy projects, education and healthcare facilities, retail and residential complexes, and entertainment venues, such as stadiums and resorts.

For more information on OxBlue construction cameras and construction time-lapse movies, please call OxBlue at (888) 849-2583. To visit the new international gallery, go to http://OxBlue.com/demos/international-photo-gallery.php.