OxBlue and Vantage Point Global join forces to provide construction companies more documentation choices

OxBlue is the exclusive construction camera partner in Vantage Point Global's array of visual media services.
ATLANTA, Jan. 30, 2014 – OxBlue, a leader in the construction camera industry, and Vantage Point Global, a leader in architectural and construction visual media services, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership that integrates OxBlue construction cameras into Vantage Point Global's all-inclusive array of visual media services, making OxBlue VPG's exclusive construction camera partner.

VPG's all-inclusive approach combines static photography, time-lapse photography, videography and aerial photography with Web-based and navigable proprietary mapping software to provide construction and interior-design clients a single source for the visual documentation of their projects. OxBlue construction cameras will now become an integral part of VPG's offerings.

"By teaming with OxBlue, we create an efficient visual suite that enables owners, architects and prime contractors to collaborate remotely throughout all phases of construction," said Rachel Brockey, president and founder of Vantage Point Global.

"OxBlue construction cameras use wireless cellular technology that will allow VPG's clients to view high-definition images and time-lapse movies of their construction and design projects at any time, 24/7, using a smartphone, laptop or tablet from any location with Internet access.

By partnering [with OxBlue], we create a date-, location- and time-stamped visual document that enhances the project team's ability to monitor schedules, verify quality control findings, enhance risk management and support on-time, on-budget success." said Brockey.

The key to the performance of every OxBlue construction camera is its intuitive, easy-to-use interface that provides users a global view across every project, employing a variety of functions – from high-definition photos to time-lapse construction movies viewable by date and time.

Each camera comes with all required camera hardware, cellular data connections, servers, software and professional time-lapse production expertise in one complete package.

Users can customize their OxBlue construction webcams by choosing either static or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), a solar power option and high-resolution image quality with 4, 6, 8, and 12 MP options.

In addition to the hardware, a key deliverable is the professionally produced, high-definition, time-lapse construction movie that comes with every OxBlue construction webcam – a powerful public relations tool that's also suited for use as a project archival record.

"Strategic partnerships such as this create more value for our clients. It made sense to join forces since we serve the same clients and our services are complementary."

Chandler McCormack, CEO of OxBlue

For more information on OxBlue construction cameras and construction time-lapse movies, please call OxBlue at (888) 849-2583.