Nine ways to get the most out of your OxBlue System


Hold all of your jobsites in the palm of your hand.

When you’re on the move, you’re never far from your jobsites because you can use a mobile device to access all the capabilities of the OxBlue website interface – redesigned specifically for the mobile device of your choice. Just download the appropriate app – at no charge to you – and you’re ready to view your jobsites 24/7 from anywhere you go.

Send jobsite updates automatically.

The OxBlue Jobsite Updater lets you keep everyone informed of your progress by scheduling regular delivery of construction camera images by email.

Brand your interface with your corporate logo.

Just send us your logo and we’ll add it to your interface. Branding your interface is a subtle way to promote your business at no extra cost.

Capture every detail, moment by moment.

Zoom in and out on your jobsite to see every detail from whatever day and time you choose from your visual calendar.

Project management tools let you compare, contrast, overlay images.

View the last four days, four weeks or four months of progress on one screen. Compare schedules and construction details of current and past projects. Overlay images to virtually peel the facade off a building and locate fine details.

Keep track of the weather on every job.

Thanks to OxBlue’s continuous jobsite weather updates, you don’t have to be there to know about a rain delay or heavy wind. Just log on to your interface.

Use a range of administrative controls.

Enhance your website content with jobsite images, manage your user accounts, and restrict camera access to key users or make it public.

Jobsite Slideshow.

Showcase your work effortlessly on flat screens in your lobby and conference room to clients and visitors. Team members stay engaged and informed with the latest jobsite images and weather information delivered right to their monitors. Call Client Support at (888) 849-2583 to obtain your slideshow link.

Document your project with a professionally produced time-lapse movie.

Our time-lapse production experts create a time-lapse movie of your completed job with targeted image selection and run times suited to your requirements.

We're working behind the scenes to help make your project a success.

With an OxBlue construction camera on your jobsite, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an industry pioneer, with over a decade of industry leadership and service in all 50 US states and 6 continents.

Can we help? Have questions?

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