Introducing Live Video on Demand

Now you're even closer to the jobsite.

Need to see the jobsite right now? You can with your OxBlue time-lapse construction camera. Stream live HD video any time you need to know what's happening—as it's happening.

One simple system gives you all this:

construction time lapse camera
Construction timelapse movie compilation

Get Live Video on Demand (VOD) for an OxBlue camera you already have

You don’t have to buy a whole new construction camera system to get Live Video on Demand for your next project. Contact us about upgrading your existing OxBlue camera.

Same turnkey setup

Just like our high-resolution images, OxBlue's Live Video on Demand works over your cellular connection. No extra wires or cords required.

And best of all, it’s easy to use

Users with password protected accounts can simply log in and begin the countdown to high-definition streaming video.

VOD is an optional add-on feature not available on all camera models.