Construction Cameras for Road and Bridge Projects

OxBlue’s solar panels and portable solar trailer make it possible.

Speed, quality, and staying on budget are imperative on any construction project. When taxpayer dollars are involved, you can add heightened transparency and accountability to the mix. OxBlue solar-powered construction cameras help address all of these concerns on transportation projects like roadways and bridges.

OxBlue construction camera systems provide all hardware, software, data connection, and technical support in one complete package. On transportation projects, where power may not be available and where the construction camera needs to be mobile, our solar-powered cameras and trailers give you remote jobsite visibility and the freedom to monitor projects wherever they’re happening.

  • Total project documentation

    High-resolution images and high-definition time-lapse movies provide a complete record and visible verification of work done.

  • Remote jobsite visibility

    With crisp, clear jobsite images and live video on demand, managers and teams can view the jobsite 24/7 to monitor quality and progress, thereby avoiding costly errors and delays.

  • Enhanced transparency and communication

    The construction camera interface allows for the option of public access as well as integration with websites and social media, making it easy for companies and government agencies to show all constituents – the media, taxpayers, and prospective clients – how much work is involved and how effectively it’s managed.

Some of our DOT Clients.

Solar Panels and Portable Solar Trailer

The Simple Solution for Transportation Projects

OxBlue solar panels work with our fixed-position and PTZ construction cameras, providing reliable power to the camera in nearly any geographic region. Our portable solar trailer accommodates the construction camera and the solar panels and provides easy mobility to relocate the equipment as work progresses, project after project.

Watch these videos to see how an OxBlue construction camera and time-lapse movies helped the Tennessee DOT and the contractor:

  • Monitor the site from an office hundreds of miles away
  • Know exactly what happened at the site on any date at any time
  • Communicate with all the people affected by the massive project

View Active Transportation Projects with Camera Demos

oxblue construction camera client white papers
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