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Time-Lapse Movies

A complete construction camera system that frees you to focus on what’s important.

We’re always asking the same question: What does it take to make your job easier and your projects better? The answer is a powerful construction camera and tools that are easy to use. That’s why our construction camera systems integrate all the hardware, software, data connection, and service you’ll need into one simple solution – so you can stay focused on what matters most: successful projects.

The best of all worlds in construction site monitoring - high to extremely high resolution images and live video on demand.*

OxBlue megapixel construction cameras, ranging from 6 to 24 MP – and now 50 MP – capture the jobsite continuously in fine detail. Zoom in tight on crystal clear high-resolution or ultra-high resolution images to verify the build is according to plans. Or use them to document, monitor, and promote your work.

Need to see what’s happening at the jobsite right now? The touch of a button in the OxBlue camera interface gives you live video on demand (VOD) and the ability to make quick informed decisions that keep your project moving forward.

See VOD in action

*VOD is an optional add-on and is not available for all construction cameras.

An intuitive, powerful user interface.

Our construction camera interface is your team’s portal to all your projects, both active and completed. Since everyone has their own focus, our interface provides quick and easy access to the images and information they need using the device of their choosing. With everyone so informed, you get better communication, better project management and a more efficient build.

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computer tablet mobile phone construction camera interface

Our ultra–high resolution
time-lapse construction camera
takes jobsite imagery to new heights.

Our 50-MP camera is the most powerful construction camera available. Use it for capturing the build and the area surrounding the jobsite in even greater detail. Produce stunning, professional-quality photos and time-lapse videos for marketing and presentations.

50MP construction camera image with magnifying glass

Time-lapse construction camera videos for understanding your progress and promoting your work.

Want to let people easily monitor the job’s progress? Instant Time-Lapse Videos let them do it from the camera interface. Want to show your team or your client a polished time-lapse movie in minutes? Then use the custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine to create sophisticated presentations. And at the end of your project, OxBlue’s construction cameras come with a Professionally Produced Time-Lapse Movie to document and promote your accomplishments.

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Designed to capture more of your jobsite.

It’s your project. The big picture matters to you. So, a wide-angle lens is standard on every construction camera. The field of view captures more of the build, bringing depth and breadth to jobsite images and time-lapse movies.

Ready to get to work when it shows up at the jobsite.

Your time is important and our job is to make the technology simple. Every OxBlue construction time-lapse camera comes with built-in cellular technology. No jobsite Internet connection or gateway to worry about. All you need is a power source – and with our solar options, you won’t even need that.

Built-in safeguards.

You should never have to worry about reliability. So, we provide proactive behind-the-scenes monitoring of every camera to ensure reliable data transmission and expert client support for the duration of your project.

construction camera monitoring projects in Alaska

Tough enough for any jobsite.

We build our construction cameras to stand up, project after project, to the world’s most demanding climates. That’s why you’ll find OxBlue construction cameras on jobsites from Alaska to Saudi Arabia. That’s also why every one of them comes with a lifetime warranty.

construction camera monitoring projects in Saudi Arabia