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Open a New Window onto your Job Site

The Next Generation of the Construction Camera Interface

Combining the latest technology and over 20,000 projects worth of experience, OxBlue’s new interface merges intuitive design and over 50 new features to streamline how owners and AEC professionals document and review their project.

Full-Screen Time-Lapses

Track your project’s progress with time-lapse videos that scale to fill your screen.

Stream Live Progress

Monitor the job site in real-time with optional high-definition live video that can stream to all of your devices.

Hybrid Map Views

View the location of every camera on every project with side-by-side image and map views.

Playback Speed Control

Review progress at your own pace using the new playback speed control for time-lapse videos.

Enhanced Dashboard

Access every project easily with a dashboard that adjusts according to the type and number of cameras.

Panoramic Image Views

View up to 360° of the entire project in ultra high-resolution with the panoramic image option.

Weather Data

Verify weather conditions and schedules for accurate reporting with visual documentation.

Online Marketing

Engage the public and reach prospective clients by sharing your time-lapse videos and images online.

Job Site Updater

Schedule automatic emails of latest project progress and keep everyone updated with images and video.

Responsiveness Drives Everything We Do.

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the move, always have access to your job site. Our interface adapts to all devices to give you clear job site images that fill your screen, one-touch access to your most popular features, and easy sharing of images and time-lapse video.

Complete, but never complex.

Experience a truly responsive system with OxBlue’s thoroughly thought-out, yet easy-to-use construction camera platform, which is designed to take care of all your needs from administrative controls to behind-the-scenes support.

Control who has access to your camera’s interface by choosing to make it public for high-profile projects or increase security for sensitive job sites. Either way, we’ll be behind the scenes monitoring your camera and ensuring that it contributes to the success of your project.