Desktop Interface
Mobile Devices
Website Integration
Customizable Time-Lapse
Software Integration
Data Security

OxBlue’s Construction Camera Interface — Designed to let you focus on what’s important.

Intuitive navigation and robust features unlock all this for you and your teams.

Images That Fit and Fill Any Screen
On smartphones and boardroom flat-screens, zoom in on fine details and get the big picture of your project’s progress.
Easy Access to Complete Project Documentation
Pull up jobsite images from any date and time with a few quick clicks on the Visual Calendar.
Multiple Ways to See the Jobsite on a Single Screen
Zoom in on images one-by-one or compare them side-by-side. Even virtually peel off the building façade in overlay mode.
Live Video on Demand
Stream live HD video of the jobsite to any device whenever you need to see what’s happening as it’s happening. Available as an add-on for most OxBlue construction cameras.
All Your Projects in One Place
A single Project Dashboard lets you view and track all your projects – current and completed. Manage multiple projects or benchmark against past ones all from one simple platform.
Jobsite Weather Data for Every Image
Verify that last week’s delay was due to heavy rain or strong winds. Protect yourself against claims by documenting that roofing was – or wasn’t – installed at safe temperatures.
Time-Lapse Movies How You Need Them
View, download and share camera-generated Instant Time-Lapse Videos anytime to track progress to date. Or easily generate polished time-lapse presentations with the Custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine.
Show the World What You Can Do
Integrate the construction camera interface with your website and social media to engage the public and reach prospective clients and investors with images and time-lapse movies that showcase your accomplishments.
Built-in Reporting with Jobsite Updater
Schedule automatic emails of the latest high-resolution still images or high-definition time-lapse video. Jobsite Updater makes it easy to keep everyone up to date on project progress.
Responsiveness guides us in everything we do.
Whether you’re on your office workstation, at home with your laptop or on the move with a tablet or smartphone, you’ll have the same user experience across every device – big clear jobsite images that fill your screen, one-touch access to the features you use most and easy sharing of images and time-lapse movies.
Complete, but never complex.
Responsiveness extends throughout your OxBlue experience, with a construction camera system that’s complete, but never complex – right down to administrative controls and behind-the-scenes support.

You control who can access your construction camera interface. Make it public for high-profile projects or set security to the highest level for sensitive ones. Either way, we’ll be behind the scenes monitoring your camera and making sure it’s contributing to the success of your projects.