Video PTZ Cameras
Time-Lapse Movies

Construction Camera Installation:

Easy to install as they are to use.

No Internet connection to worry about. No complicated assembly. Everything you need – all hardware and easy-to-follow activation and mounting instructions – comes with your camera.

Three simple steps to install:

1. Activation: Power up the camera at the jobsite before mounting it. OxBlue Client Support will verify image transmission.

2. Mounting: Tighten a few screws to mount the camera to a pole or other structure at your chosen location.

3. Power: Plug the camera in. It will begin transmitting images automatically.

That’s all there is to it.

Watch our installation videos.

Need someone to handle the installation? Let us know. We work with a national network of third-party installers.

Follow the 5 P’s to Pick the Best Spot for Your Construction Camera

Our recommendations for choosing the best location for your camera come from experience on more than 10,000 projects. Use them to simplify the decision process and ensure you get the most informative, highest quality documentation of your project.

5 P's to pick the best spot for your construction camera

1. Positioning: Face the camera as close as possible to due north.

2. Placement: Placing the camera outside the construction area captures more of the jobsite and allows for seamless time-lapse movies.

3. Perspective: Mount the camera higher than the planned build to capture all stories or levels.

4. Phasing: Take project phases or tilt-up construction into account to ensure the camera’s view isn’t obstructed as the project progresses.

5. Power: If you’re not using an OxBlue solar power station, pick a location where power can be conveniently run to the camera.

See The 5 P’s of Positioning Construction Cameras on Your Site for the full details.