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Introducing OxBlue’s
Custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine

Easily create the time-lapse movies you need – how and when you need them.

Our new addition to OxBlue’s time-lapse offerings lets you select the days, times, and duration of your construction time-lapse videos.

  • Create a 60-second time lapse movie for tomorrow’s meeting
  • Review the past month’s progress with images showing work hours only
  • Schedule a weekly time-lapse movie documenting that week’s progress
  • Customize high-definition presentations for clients, investors, and prospects

Every OxBlue camera system gives you three kinds of time-lapse movie capability.

Instant Time-Lapse Videos are perfect for on-the-spot reviews of recent progress right from the construction camera interface. Our Professionally Produced Time-Lapse Movies are most often used to showcase completed projects.

Now, our Custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine makes it easy to create unlimited time-lapse movies of any of your projects – and schedule automatic delivery. With just a few mouse clicks, you’ll have presentation-quality time-lapse movies tailored to your needs, whenever you need them.

Visit our Time-Lapse Movie page to learn more about all our time-lapse movies.

Already an OxBlue client?

Log in to your account, select a project, then click the gear icon in the top right to start using the Custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine. If you use Open Links, contact OxBlue Client Support at (888) 849-2583 for a username and password, or submit your request online.