Video PTZ Cameras
Time-Lapse Movies

Solar Power Stations for Construction Cameras

No power at the construction site?
No problem.

Our solar panels and solar trailer bring construction camera capabilities to transportation projects and other jobsites where plugging in isn’t an option. Whether you need solar panels only or the mobility of our portable solar trailer as well, you’ll always be able to focus on what matters without needing the power company.

Save 30% on a solar power system with the federal tax credit.

A simple solution for nearly every jobsite under the sun.

Your jobsite doesn’t have to be in the sunniest region or even provide a place to mount the construction webcam and solar panels. Our portable solar trailer accommodates our fixed-position and PTZ construction cameras and the number of solar panels that’s right for your location.

Everything you need from an OxBlue construction camera system and then some.

Enjoy the same ease of use and robust technology that distinguish our construction cameras when powered conventionally: time-lapse movies, full-featured construction camera interface, mobile apps, and more:

  • Continuous power to the construction camera with a minimum reliability of 99.5% and power autonomy of more than 5 days

  • Smaller, lighter solar panels and energy-storage battery for easy handling (Tech Specs)

  • The option of using our portable solar trailer for mounting the construction webcam and solar panels

  • Digital display of system status

  • Enhanced public relations and marketing on green or energy-efficiency

Simple activation and installation.