Video PTZ Cameras
Time-Lapse Movies

Video Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

View Progress and Observe Complex Detail Via HD Live Stream Video

OxBlue’s Video Pan-Tilt-Zoom (VPTZ) Construction Cameras provides the flexibility of watching your project’s progress via HD live video, while simultaneously giving you the freedom to remotely pan, tilt, and optically zoom your camera’s filed-of-view.

  • Make Informed Decisions with Live Stream Video
  • Monitor Site with User-Controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • Achieve Project Goals with Turn-Key Service
  • Connect to your Project Through Any Device
  • In Addition to Video, Document Progress with High-Definition Still Images

Make Informed Decisions with Live Stream Video

Observe and track your project’s real-time progress via high-definition live video. This easy-to-use feature gives authorized camera users instant visibility and connection to your jobsite, accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Monitor Entire Site with User-Controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Understand intricate details of your jobsite using controllable horizontal pan, vertical tilt, and zoom technology. Eliminate the need to be on-site by using customizable pre-sets to instantly view any area of your project’s construction progress.

Panoramic Image

Document Progress With High Definition Still Images

In addition to live video, the Video Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allow you to document, verify, and track complex details of your jobsite with high resolution still (up to 8MP) and panoramic images, automatically generated at scheduled intervals.

Connect to Your Project Through Any Device

Instantly connect to your active and completed projects instantly via our responsive user interface and mobile application, accessible from any internet-enabled device. Improve project management, communication, and efficiency by sharing relevant data with team members using your project’s admin-controlled camera dashboard.

Achieve Project Goals with Turn-Key Service and Support

Feel supported knowing that our turn-key Client Support team will be there to take care of your unique project needs 24/7. Your questions will be promptly answered by a dedicated service representative. Our team of experts proactively monitor the performance and image transmission of your camera to assist you in achieving your project’s goals.