Time-Lapse Construction Cameras for Education:

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Education is all about ideas. Our construction cameras help bring your construction ideas to life by capturing high-resolution images of every phase of your project. Share these images with team members, management, investors and school officials, in real time or as part of a high-definition time-lapse movie available to anyone with Internet access.

When everybody knows what's going on, the possibilities for learning and collaborating are almost limitless. So are the possibilities for marketing and public relations.

OxBlue construction webcams come ready to work right out of the box – no additional hardware or software or jobsite Internet connection required.

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With three exciting construction projects underway, community relations professionals at the University of Iowa were eager to showcase the school’s growth to internal and external stakeholders. The projects include a new University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, off-campus clinic and a state-of-the-art data center. Download PDF