OxBlue's mission is simple and straightforward: Empower the construction industry to improve project delivery and team communications with highly effective construction webcam solutions.

Since the founding of OxBlue, in 2001, we have maintained our exclusive focus on the needs of the construction industry. Our approach has always been to hold ourselves to the highest standard by providing a turnkey solution — connection, every piece of construction camera hardware and all service comes included in a straightforward price.

Read how OxBlue has pioneered the construction industry's camera system and how we continue to lead today.


This year brought lots of cause for celebration, including our 15th anniversary, in January. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Our offering expands with live video on demand for most of our new and existing construction webcams.
  • A Shopping Center Business article tells the story of the long-term relationship between BJ’s Wholesale Club and OxBlue and how they use our construction cameras for construction site monitoring on exterior and interior builds.
  • It’s been a winning year for workplace culture, with our 5th consecutive recognition as one of Atlanta’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®, our first Top Workplaces award from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and our first Best Places to Work award from the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
  • For the second year in a row, OxBlue makes the Constructech 50, a list of the “most influential companies whose technologies serve the construction industry.”
  • Our construction camera interface is redesigned to deliver jobsite imagery that automatically fits and fills any screen – whether it’s on a smartphone or the boardroom wall.
  • OxBlue now offers the most powerful construction camera available. At 50 MP, the construction webcam provides true ultra–high resolution jobsite images.
  • Long-lasting smaller, lighter solar panels and energy-storage batteries for OxBlue’s solar power solution make installation easier without sacrificing the reliability of heavier alternatives.


  • OxBlue wins Best and Brightest™ Companies to Work For Award in Atlanta and at the national level.
  • Constructech magazine awards OxBlue construction cameras their inaugural Connected Hardware Award, citing them as “one product that stood out above the rest.” We also earned a spot on the Constructech 50, their annual listing of the most influential companies whose technologies serve the construction industry.
  • OxBlue moves headquarters to 1777 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW, in Midtown Atlanta.
  • Our new Custom Time-Lapse Movie Machine launches, enabling clients to quickly and easily create custom, presentation-quality time-lapse movies of their projects right from the construction camera interface.
  • Newly released 16- and 24-MP construction cameras provide OxBlue clients with the highest resolution and sharpest, most detailed images.
  • Updates to our construction camera interface include a panoramic feature, available with PTZ construction cameras; weather data on images for international projects; and a new search box on the Project Dashboard.


New technology, new partnerships, and expanded access are among this year’s highlights, as we continue our mission of improving construction project management and communication.

  • Recognition for the third consecutive year as one of the Best and Brightest™ Companies to Work for in Atlanta.
  • New partner, Procore Technologies, a leader in cloud-based construction management software, integrates OxBlue construction camera access into its dashboard.
  • Android app joins our arsenal of mobile applications, giving Android smartphone and tablet users access to all of their jobsites anytime, anywhere.
  • Launch of totally redesigned construction camera interface – for computers and mobile devices – featuring more intuitive controls and streamlined access to functions clients use most.
  • New website gallery, where visitors can watch live jobsites, sample our professionally produced time-lapse construction movies, and view stunning stills that capture the grandeur of our clients’ work.
  • Integration of OxBlue’s construction cameras into Lucernex’s Lx projects allows both companies’ clients to benefit from high-definition jobsite images delivered in a secure, true cloud-based project management system.
  • Strategic partnership with Vantage Point Global, a leader in architectural and construction visual media services, integrates OxBlue construction cameras – exclusively – into VPG’s media services.


More growth and accolades marked this year. Some of our achievements included:

  • Recognition for the second year in a row as one of the Best and Brightest™ Companies to Work for in the Atlanta area – an award that recognizes corporate policies and practices that enhance employee working conditions.
  • Increased sales of OxBlue cameras to retailers, keeping pace with the large expansion in the retail sector.
  • New service to Mexico, providing an expanded cellular network and faster access to OxBlue products.
  • A new, improved algorithm that enhances the quality and utility of time-lapse videos of active construction projects.
  • A redesigned company website, with many new pages, including more demos and a new gallery of photos, all intended to make the website user’s experience seamless, engaging and productive.
  • Growth in staff in all of our departments to serve our growing client base.
  • OxBlue releases a 16MP construction time-lapse camera


A year highlighted by new technology, expanded service and accolades for enlightened corporate culture that included:

  • A new photo documentation system called PhotoPlan by OxBlue that simplifies and systemizes the collection, management and use of construction site documentation photos.
  • A camera visualization tool that allows the continuous display of real-time images on office wall flat screens and as screensavers with no user interaction after installation.
  • Jobsite Update Service, which enables users to schedule regular email delivery of images that provide automated visual reports wherever and whenever they are most convenient.
  • Named one of the 101 Best and Brightest™ Companies to Work For in the Atlanta area.
  • Expansion of cellular service and faster access to products throughout Canada to allow clients to deploy construction cameras faster and maintain a seamless working relationship with OxBlue for better jobsite performance.
  • A new mobile application that allows users to view high-definition time-lapse movies of their jobsite, including automatic image updates, from a handheld device.
  • Release of client case studies that continue to prove the value of OxBlue construction cameras in producing real-world results.


Major advancements in both technology and organization, including:

  • New interface enhancements added to OxBlue’s high-performance line of construction webcam systems, making it easier for clients to find images and produce HD-quality, time-lapse videos
  • OxBlue continued to build its team by bringing on additional senior-level people in sales, marketing and finance

As of 2011, OxBlue continues to have an active presence in all 50 states and on 6 continents.

OxBlue celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011. The organization attributes its growth and success to both the acquisition of new clients and increased business with existing clients. The company is currently seeing an increase in construction activity as the country emerges from the recession, and is looking forward to a successful 2012.


Major technological advancements in construction camera and workplace tools were introduced by OxBlue, including:

  • A new line of wireless, robotic PTZ construction cameras that improve viewing angles and reduce the number of cameras required at large jobsites
  • A 12-megapixel construction webcam system, doubling the image resolution of OxBlue’s standard system
  • The ability to produce Blu-ray time-lapse videos, providing a true HD experience
  • A new iPhone/iPad application that enables users to access the full-featured functionality of the OxBlue interface right from a handheld device
  • Development of a standardized API interface to streamline enhancements and enable integration with partner and client systems, and to provide a solid foundation for future development

Since its inception, OxBlue has achieved growth year after year in one of the most challenging economies of our time and expanded its operation’s facility at its headquarters in Atlanta, GA. An intense focus and unwavering commitment to delivering results for clients has propelled OxBlue into a bright future.


New opportunities in education, healthcare, transportation, and energy construction segments offset changes in the commercial and multi-family construction segments, allowing OxBlue to continue growing. The increased need for project documentation, communication, and transparency was apparent, and OxBlue was in a strong position to deliver.

In September OxBlue completed the asset acquisition of Digital Job Site, further expanding OxBlue's installed client base.


Strong growth continued through 2008 as a result of both existing client growth and numerous client acquisitions by OxBlue. Construction webcam systems were regularly being installed around the world, and OxBlue had a regular presence on five continents.

The 30% tax credit for solar power systems resulted in a very high adoption rate for solar powered construction webcam systems. As a result of the increased volume, additional efficiencies and discounts were available, resulting in faster and even more cost-effective systems for clients. This further increased the rate of adoption.

Additional management staff joined OxBlue to facilitate the company's strategic plan to meet the increasing demand for construction webcams.


Strong demand for OxBlue's construction webcam technology continued to increase as successive company milestones were reached throughout the year. Behind the scenes, office and production space was expanded to meet the construction industry's demand for OxBlue's technology. Additional personnel for customer service, production, and order fulfillment were also brought on board to maintain the company's commitment to superior customer service.

OxBlue's enterprise-level relationships with each of the major national cellular carriers grew as changes within the cellular industry resulted in new relationships and expanded coverage areas, both domestically and internationally.

At the end of the year, OxBlue released a line of solar systems specifically designed for use with OxBlue construction webcams, meeting the need for a reliable cost-effective standardized solar construction camera solution. Both new and existing clients responded favorably, and plans for increased use of solar systems in 2008 are underway.


A paradigm shift had begun. OxBlue clients were buying larger volumes of OxBlue construction camera units to deploy across multiple projects.The requirement for OxBlue construction cameras began to appear in owners' contracts, construction specifications, and even on architects' drawings. The system had proven itself and had become a standard management tool for many companies in the construction industry. The next phase of growth at OxBlue had begun.

While the exponential growth in sales was welcome news, OxBlue continued the quest to deliver the highest quality images. In early 2006, OxBlue introduced a 6-megapixel camera system, doubling the resolution possible. The 6-megapixel system has been adopted by users with high-end needs who want the most advanced imaging system available.

In June 2006, after months of development, OxBlue unveiled its OxBlue Pro interface. A leap forward in construction webcams, the new interface was acting as a powerful project management, analysis, and reporting tool. Elements included the Project Dashboard, which allowed users to monitor dozens of project cameras simultaneously, and tools for comparing changes in site progress over time and automated image-based reporting systems that kept the entire team in the loop.

OxBlue Pro paved the way for the next era of construction webcams, going beyond the individual jobsite to an enterprise model that delivered benefits at every level of the organization.


The addition of cellular wireless capability kicked off a period of exponential growth. Clients realized how OxBlue construction webcams worked. The pricing was straightforward, the system was reliable and the images were 40 times higher quality than any other construction camera system that was available.

As adoption of OxBlue's construction camera technology grew rapidly, something new started happening. Project teams would buy systems for a specific project, and soon after someone would recommend the system for enterprise-wide adoption. A general contractor would have a construction webcam system installed on a project for their own use; the owner would see it and buy systems for all of its other projects. Word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer referrals became one of OxBlue's best sales vehicles.


OxBlue's buying power for cellular solutions gained the attention of the national cellular carriers, and meetings began to overcome the barriers which make the system possible. The wireless solution that now enables OxBlue's clients to effortlessly and economically monitor construction in virtually any part of the country, without the need for Internet connections or IT expertise at the jobsite.

A truly turnkey solution and managed service with high reliability and effortless installation was created. OxBlue assumed responsibility for all of the cellular accounts used by clients, allowing clients to avoid dealing with the technical support and contracts of the cellular carriers.

OxBlue's cellular accounts are larger than those of most large corporations, allowing us the power to accomplish tasks with cellular services that another company or individual user is simply not able to.


With a growing client base, OxBlue was able to continue investing in back-end infrastructure and to respond to the needs of the construction industry. The capabilities at the original datacenters were outgrown, and new, highly redundant infrastructure was being invested in.

OxBlue continued the commitment to focus on the needs of the client. Enhancing the functionality of the system with more powerful tools which allowed the client to drill down to specific images and events. Image enhancement technology was developed to increase the quality of the images and allow clients to zoom in on specific details. The simple and effective interface to the OxBlue system was refined, allowing users with even the most basic PC skills to take advantage of being able to access the jobsite remotely.

Later in 2003 OxBlue turned its attention to the next major challenge: wireless image transmission from the jobsite. The bottleneck which had prevented widespread adoption of jobsite cameras was always the need to use high bandwidth lines for data. The "last mile" challenge of the country's telecommunications companies to bring high speed bandwidth to more locations was also the challenge that doomed, and continues to hamper attempts to implement national jobsite monitoring programs based on systems intended for fixed security applications which need high bandwidth lines.

OxBlue realized this early on and took the practical approach of building a system that would run on the nation's more readily available phone line infrastructure. But for the construction industry to have a truly scalable solution, something that would work at virtually any location in the country, a solution without the need for wires for data transmission or IT expertise at the jobsite was needed. OxBlue continued to lead the way by pioneering the development of systems to transmit ultra high resolution images over the nation's cellular network.


By 2002, OxBlue had reached a 3-megapixel resolution with the construction webcam system and standardized on it, providing stunningly vivid imaging and zoom capabilities that had real value for jobsite analysis.

As the technology continued to evolve, the industry's early adopters began to implement systems, real-world lessons were being learned, and OxBlue responded to the developing needs. Image resolution, ease of usability, and simple installations were the focus.

OxBlue was building a solid customer base throughout the construction industry. The private sectors of construction, including retail, commercial, and industrial, were adopting and starting to standardize on the system.


OxBlue was founded January 1, 2001. R&D began on developing a solution which served the needs of the construction industry, exceeded the capabilities of the original system, and did so at a lower cost and a high level of reliability. The lessons learned from the original project were priceless, and OxBlue systematically worked with every off-the-shelf system available. But no system offered the ease of use, image quality, and reliability necessary to meet the needs of the construction industry.

The decision was made: OxBlue would build the system itself. On the tail end of the dot-com bust, a high level of technical expertise was ready and available. OxBlue was in the right position to harness this expertise and accelerate development of the system. Work was being done on every part of the technology: developing hardware, front-end software and back-end infrastructure — all of the communications technology which make the system possible.


In 1998, an international real estate development firm wanted a leading-edge approach to allow their overseas investors to monitor millions of dollars worth of construction site activity. With no adequate solution available on the market and no single source vendor in place to develop the solution, they turned to technical experts within the construction industry.

The team was led by Chandler McCormack and Bryan Mattern, two graduates from the Georgia Institute of Technology. McCormack, a Senior Project Manager with over 10 years of practical experience with civil engineering commercial projects and expertise in visualization technology, and Mattern, a senior technical consultant specializing in the development of enterprise communication platforms with a background in construction engineering, took the challenge.

The challenge: Develop a secure camera system, accessible from the Internet, which was higher resolution and easier to use than anything on the market. Then turn that system into a project management tool for communications and contract compliance.

The solution: Delivered as contracted, the system's success exceeded expectations. More importantly, as the projects progressed, the power of such a camera system for every member of the project team was revealed. The contractors were able to coordinate changes in real time with the design teams, owners were kept in the loop on progress, unnecessary communications were reduced across the board, and schedule disputes were all but eliminated. And all this was accomplished without the cost of highly modified hardware and hundreds of man-hours of development time.

The need was established and the potential of such a system was revealed. The demand to bring it to market was evident and OxBlue Corporation was formed.