Chandler McCormack

Co-Founder and CEO
"We've brought a tool to the construction industry that makes communication and documentation easier and better without requiring people to change the way they do things. It delivers these benefits while they continue to work in a way that's natural for them."

Bryan Mattern

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
"Ultimately, we use technology to provide people peace of mind by removing jobsite uncertainty and allowing them to make better decisions faster. As for our future technology, I see us continuing to improve our mobile functionality to allow more people to take advantage of this service."

Mindy Baker

Chief Financial Officer
"With our company-wide focus on the customer experience, we look to recruit people who understand the importance of putting the customer first in everything we do. One of the biggest surprises people have when they come to work here is how every OxBlue employee is empowered to figure out ways to serve customers better."

Anthony Butler

Director of Operations
"We’re not just building construction cameras. Each camera is ultimately an experience for a client. And we want each one to live up to both the client’s expectations and ours. In other words, we want every construction camera we build to deliver an excellent experience."

Clay Catinella

Director of Sales
"Whether our clients are building schools, hospitals, multi-family residences or massive industrial complexes, their builds can all benefit from better information and communications technology. Our objective is to understand clients' individual goals and use OxBlue technology to help them not just meet but exceed those goals."

Alex Molinet

Supply Chain Manager
"Every camera that goes out our door is critically important. Our goal is to make sure the customer's OxBlue experience is flawless."

Daniel Roth

Director of Client Experience
"What you'll find is that we are responsive and easy to do business with at OxBlue. We provide turnkey solutions for your job site camera needs and then back that up with a fanatical commitment to legendary service. We are determined to create lifelong clients."