Video PTZ Cameras
Time-Lapse Movies

Capture the entire expanse of your project with a single PTZ construction camera.

Whether it’s a stadium build, bridge construction, or any other wide-expanse project, you’ll be able to capture it completely with a single OxBlue pan-tilt-zoom construction camera.

Understand your projects from every angle.

OxBlue PTZ construction camera interface

Through our construction camera interface for PTZ cameras, you can: view a daily panorama to see the entire jobsite on a single screen; review and compare high-resolution still images – complete with jobsite weather data – from any date and time; track project progress with high-definition time-lapse construction videos.

Getting the complete picture is easy.

Our PTZ construction camera system is built for ease of use and maximal results. Multiple presets control pan-tilt movement, automatically capturing your entire project without manual control. High-resolution photos and ultrahigh-resolution daily panoramic images document virtually every moment of construction and provide the detailed information you need for successful projects.

Options that work for you.

Our PTZ construction cameras are available in 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 megapixels, and every one of them has built-in cellular technology for easy, wireless deployment. Include optional solar power capability and you’ll have a completely wire-free construction camera solution.

OxBlue PTZ construction camera

Simple activation and installation.

Contact us to find out how an OxBlue PTZ construction camera can help make your next project a success.